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Oktober 2009

Kitting BMW Motorcycle

syncreon has been successful in securing a contract to provide CKD kitting of the BMW F650 Motorbike to Brazil.[mehr]


September 2009

Platinum Quality Award

Quality performance at syncreon has been recognized by Delphi with the presentation of their Platinum Level Global Quality Award for the first half of 2009.[mehr]


Juni 2009

CKD Parts Handling for Toyota

Through an extensive RFQ process Toyota Tsusho recently selected syncreon as their logistics service provider of choice to handle CKD parts for the Toyota Corolla.[mehr]


Juni 2009

New Business with Fiat

Fiat has chosen syncreon to manage the integration of powertrain parts to their Betim Assembly Plant.[mehr]


Mai 2009

Oshawa Operations Expand

A new contract has been awarded to syncreon in Oshawa, Ontario by Grupo Antolin. This welcome new piece of business involves sequencing of headliners to GM Oshawa Assembly Plant for the Impala.[mehr]


April 2009

Making Headway in Hungary

Last year syncreon began supporting Audi’s operations in Gyor, Hungary. The following is a translation of an article, published in April’s edition of Audi’s own regional newsletter referencing the success of this operation.[mehr]


Januar 2009

MRO goes inside

Chrysler has invited syncreon to manage their MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) materials inside Chrysler’s own plants.[mehr]


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